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SAFETY RULES {All Classes}



All safety rules are MANDATORY and must be obeyed and met by all competing cars. The board of directors may implement any further rules as deemed necessary for safety. Board of Directors (BOD) has final authority. All safety equipment must be approved by tech.




HELMETS: A regulation racing helmet, snug fitting, full face, D.O.T. approved. No Cromwell's. Bubble shields on helmets must have safety snaps. Eye protection must be worn even when windshields are used. All helmets must be approved under current motor vehicle standards and/or be CSA or ANZI approved. Some open face helmets may be grandfathered at the discretion of BOD.

BOD also has the authority to DEEM  A  HELMET  UNSAFE.


DRIVING SUIT All classes: Drivers must wear fire resistant, long sleeve coveralls or better, Driving Suit recommended. These must remain free of flammable substances at all times.


FIRE RETARDANT FORMULA: 9oz BORAX 4oz BORIC ACID 1GALLON warm water. Dissolve thoroughly, dip coveralls, and hang to dry, repeat after each wash. Save extra for future use. Pit crew may substitute short or long sleeve shirt and long pants for coveralls. NO HALTER-TOPS. No Sandals or open toe shoes whatsoever in the pits.


SEAT BELTS: All cars must have racing approved 4 or 5-point HARNESS in good condition. Safety belts must be regulation type seat belt webbing; minimum 3" or aircraft type harness. NO home built or poor condition belts allowed. They must be properly installed. Belts are to be fastened to the roll bars, positively no drilling through the harness to use rivets and plate. Seat belts mounting maximum 4" below shoulder level.


SEAT: Approved racing seat mandatory for all classes. Must be ALUMINMUM with Rib Support for HOBBY CLASS.


DOORS: Doors must be WELDED or BOLTED {from inside} shut, MANDATORY. Mirrors will only be ALLOWED in Hobby class.


FUEL LINES:  Safety committee must pass fuel lines. Metal filters only. No fuel lines are to run inside car unless approved by BOD. (some factory installations OK with approved fireproofing)


DRIVE SHAFTS: A drive shaft sling made of a steel strap 1 /8 x 2 or equivalent must be installed behind the transmission with the front 1 /3 of the drive shaft. A 5/16 chain is permitted. All drive shafts must be painted white.


WINDOW  NETS:  A window net is MANDATORY on the driver's side window and must be permanently fastened to the bottom. It must be constructed of 1  " nylon web on 3" centers. Excessive openings can be covered with plexi glass or Lexan for protection from flying objects.


GASOLINE CANS: Gas cans must be red. NO EXCEPTIONS.


EXTINGUISHERS: Dry chemical fire extinguisher must be {2} two lbs. minimum MANDATORY. Must be in the pit, presented at TECH. Anyone using a fire extinguisher must report with used extinguisher to EQUIPMENT MANAGER and/or PIT BOSS so used extinguisher may be suitably marked and set aside.


ANTIFREEZE:  Use of antifreeze is allowed in all classes.


IGNITION SWITCH: Ignition must be tied thru battery shut off, engine must die when battery switch is turned off. Battery switch must be easily accessed be safety personnel and must be clearly marked MANDATORY. Locking steering device must be removed.


Oil PRESSURE GUAGE: Must be copper or steel only. NO PLASTIC ALLOWED.


MUD FLAPS: MANDATORY IN ALL CLASSES, FWD cars must have flaps on all 4 wheels; RWD cars must have flaps on rear wheels. Mud flaps must be effective at controlling mud and rocks from impacting other cars. No mud flaps, no racing.


MUFFLERS: MANDATORY IN ALL CLASSES must be properly installed, no loose pipes, Cars will have 1 race to comply or will be denied entry.


CAR NUMBERS: ALL CLASSES of cars must have their number displayed on the ROOF and DOORS and be a minimum of 1 6" in HEIGHT. Numbers must be PRE-REGISTERED ANNUALLY. PREVIOUSLY registered cars have PREFERENCE. Track Officials may change car numbers to avoid DUPLICATION or LAP COUNTING errors. Any car moving down a class {ie Hobby Stock to Street Stock} must prove legal for that class. Please ensure numbers are clear for proper timing.



Penalties for rule infractions will vary according to the severity of the RULES BROKEN. If there is a car threatening the quality of racing, the BOD reserves the right to teardown that car. {5} five Directors must agree that the suspect car should be torn down before the teardown can take place. If the car is found legal the club will reimburse the car for the parts of the teardown. If a car is torn down, {1} one head and the intake will be will be removed. Oil pan may also be removed. All teardowns will be performed by the MECHANIC of the car, the CLUB PRESIDENT, HEAD of tech and the TRACK Official.


When a car is torn down it is up to the crew of the car to prove it is legal. If the crew cannot prove the legality of the car the car will be considered ILLEGAL. All teardowns will be at the car owners shop and the hood will be LOCKED and CINCHED at the track prior to the car leaving. It is recommended having the tech person there for the reassembly of the car.




All protests must be handed into CLASS REP. within 20 minutes of the end of the last race. All parties will be notified within 1/2 hour. A protest must be initiated by an OWNER or DRIVER of an Opposing car of the SAME CLASS. Must include car number and be signed and dated by the driver or car owner initiating the protest. Must include specific reason for the protest. On being found GUILTY of running illegal, the offending car will be SUSPENDED for the following RACE DAY. On being found GUILTY of running illegal for the Second time, the offending car will be SUSPENDED for the next {3} three RACE DAYS. If an offence occurs on the LAST race event of the year, you will lose all points and trophies for the whole weekend. Only the following persons will be involved in a protest: CLASS REP, HEAD OF TECH, PIT BOSS, CAR OWNER/DRIVER {if mechanical}, TOWER PERSON {if involves tower}, or FLAGMAN {if incident on track}.




Driver's teardown protest. Engine protests will cost the protester $150.00.

Pemberton Stock Car Association Rules

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