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Any Canadian or American built car or pickup {min 1  06.5 w.b.} No foreign cars, station wagons or convertibles. There will be no age limit on vehicles. Vehicles to remain full bodied. All combustibles, glass and loose chrome to be removed. Wheel openings may be radiused. Floorboard must remain stock from firewall to behind driver and sheeted in with {20} twenty-gauge steel. Uni-body must have stock floorboards from firewall to center of rear hump. Uni-body cars may join frame rails.

Any body {corp. to corp.} may be run on any frame chassis. When replacing damaged frame rails, the material used must be the same thickness or greater. Trailing arms may be lengthened or shortened, but must be of equal length. Modifications to allow for cambering of right front wheel allowed. {E.G. Elongated holes on Fords}. Frames to be a minimum of {4} four inches from the ground.



SUSPENSION: Ballast must be behind front spindles, ahead of rear axle, no lower than frame. Weight jacking allowed. MINIMUM 3000 pounds with Driver. Overload shocks are allowed. Pick-up points may be altered for shocks only. Racing shocks allowed. Springs may be altered but location must remain stock. Front and rear sway bar mounting may be altered. After market hubs allowed. Steel hubs allowed. Pan hard bars are allowed and may be adjustable. Torque arms may be allowed. Rear sliders for leaf springs allowed. After market A-arms allowed. Upper A-arms may be altered. A steering quickner is allowed. 3 or 4 link rear suspensions allowed,


TIRES AND WHEELS: Maximum 10" wheels, 50 series tires of M&S design, Sipping and grooving allowed. Racing tires allowed. After market steel wheels on all {4} four corners. NO Aluminum wheels. Minimum 1/2" wheel studs. Larger stud than minimum requirement is allowed. Length may be increased.


ENGINES: Engines not to exceed 350 chevy, 351 ford,(Windsor only) 360 chysler/amc, plus .060 overbore. All casting numbers must be on block, heads and crank. After market cams may be used. NO mushroom or roller tappet cams. Roller rockers allowed. Fluid dampers allowed. NO aluminum block. Aluminum intakes allowed. Maximum 5" height spacer included {from top of valve cover rail to deck} Cams must be chain driven. Headers allowed. Single disc clutch only. Port matching within 1   “of flanges allowed. Allowed to run a MSD type ignition, or equivalent.  #1 spark plug may not be further back than the center of the upper ball joint unless stock. Oil cooler allowed. Must have catch can for rad. NO dry sumps allowed. Racing gas allowed. NO dome pistons ,flat top only, two or four-valve relief acceptable. Maximum 2.02 intake valves. NO angle or slant plugs. After market heads allowed, Dual valve springs allowed. Transmission cooler lines must be shielded from driver. Stock fan may be removed and replaced with electric fan. Aftermarket air cleaners allowed. Stub stacking. Cowl induction allowed. Crank case ventilation system allowed. Exhaust system must be extended to a point behind the driver or out from under the car. Aftermarket radiators allowed.


FUEL SYSTEM: 4412-Holley only allowed. Maximum 500. cfm. Maximum 1 ” adapter plate between carb and manifold. Choke plates can be removed. (1 ) one carburetor allowed. Stock gas tank must be removed. Tank must be fitted in trunk 1 8" in front of rear body between frame rails. Must be securely strapped down. A rear crash bar is MANDATORY, if unable to meet 1 8"rule. Tank may be Aluminum, racing cell, Steel with bladder or outboard motor tank. Must have screw type cap, and vent hosepipe on left side of the tank. Vent hose must have 360 degree loop. Filler neck must not extend outside bodylines. Must be passed by tech. Tank not to exceed 1 6-gallons maximum. A shield {minimum 20 gauge metal} must be fitted between driver and fuel cell. NO plastic or glass fuel filters or bowls. NO electric fuel pumps. NOTE for your own protection PSCA recommends the use of an approved racing cell. When replacing the throttle cable only use factory OEM replacement cables.


TRANSMISSIONS: Any 2, 3, 4 or 5 speed OEM transmission. Must work in all gears. NO special transmission allowed. Automatics must have a functional torque converter. Oil coolers for transmission allowed. Drive shaft sling within 1 /3 back from the yoke and not move more than 2" from the bottom of the drive shaft. All drive shafts must be painted white. Standards must be covered with scatter shields. NO mini-disc clutches or aluminum flywheels.


REAR ENDS: Any rear end allowed. Locked rear ends allowed.


BODIES: Any stock appearing car bumper. Rear bumper only may be reinforced. ALL VEHICLES MUST HAVE MUD FLAPS. If used must cover the fill width of the car to outside of the tires. Maximum 6” from the ground. Fastened securely and not dragging. Front collapsible bumper allowed, not to be reinforced. NO gas bumper shocks. Inner wheel may be removed. Interior must be gutted. Tunnelling allowed on the passenger side from center of hump to rocker panel. 6” high spoiler allowed. Stock latching hood and trunk must be removed and replaced with minimum 2, pins front and rear. Must be securely fastened on all four corners. Must be reinforced with large steel washers around pinholes. Windshields may be left in. Must have safety clips or straps. May replace with windshield safety glass {laminated safety glass} or teck approved screen. Must fully protect driver. Drivers door net securely fastened at the bottom, NOT flapping with release  mechanism. Must be passed by tech. Missing panels must be replaced by the next meet. After market bodies allowed. Stock steering column may be removed. Minimum 2, collapsible steering column installed. Tow chains or hooks MANDATORY on front and back of car. Body may be tunnelled to install mufflers. After market brake system allowed.


ROLL CAGE: Bars must be securely welded to frame. Minimum 11  /2”o.d. schedule 40 .1 25 wall or   1 ¾” o.d. .095 wall ERW tubing or equivalent strength seamless pipe. All bars within reach of driver must be padded with minimum 1/2" thick foam. Front hoop not to extend past frame rails or grill of car and must remain behind front bumper. Triangulation allowed. NOT to be used as bumper or to reinforce bumper. NO galvanized pipe or drill steel. Four point roll cage MANDATORY. Four bars minimum on left side must be extend into door. Three bar minimum on right side of driver's compartment. Spacer bars MANDATORY on driver's side. 1 /8" plate 4 gussets MANDATORY in top of cage. Kit cages allowed. Rub rails allowed. Must be flush with body of car, must be above center of hub and below top of rim, on the left side. Must not be out past tire. Ends must be turned in. Right side must be parallel to the center of the front and rear axles.


SEAT AND BELTS - SEE SAFETY RULES All CLASSES ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: A  battery   disconnect   switch   is   mandatory   and   is to   be   clearly   marked.   It is MANDATORY that absorbent foam rubber be placed in the lid of the battery box as an acid absorbent in the event of a roll over.

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