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Hot 4 / V6 CLASS  RULES:



The intent of this class is to provide an inexpensive, uncomplicated, entry level of equal competition. Anyone who wishes to do more than what is permitted in these rules is more than welcome, in fact encouraged to move to a more advanced class.


Any 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder ONLY and must remain stock. No Turbo, Supercharged or AWD cars.


BODY: North American model, stock production car. Must meet North American factory published specifications for year, make and model NO full size truck, rotary engines, convertibles or all-wheel drive. Driver's must have door reinforced with steel bar extending into rear door or quarter.. Sturdy bars must be installed from the floor to the roof and from side to side, directly behind driver's seat. These bars must have 6"x6"xl/8" steel plates welded to each end, or proper 4- point roll cage. All glass, except windshield, and all loose chrome must be removed. There must be sturdy and secure bar or pipe in the center of the windshield opening. Expanding metal may be used instead of a windshield.


All upholstery, except dash {optional} must be removed. Inside of car and trunk must be free of all broken glass and debris.


GAS TANK/FUEL CELL: If the stock tank is located in front of the rear axle assembly it may remain.

If the stock tank is behind the rear axle assembly it must be removed and mounted in the trunk/hatch area.


A fuel cell may be used in place if the stock gas tank.


Stock tank or fuel cell must be enclosed in a metal box with a ground strap from the filler neck to the body if relocated inside the vehicle.

PUMP GAS 94 OCTANE ONLY. Engine must remain stock. No modifications whatsoever. (Cold air intake OK)


The tech committee must pass all fuel tanks or the car will not race. Each pit must have a fully charged fire extinguisher in plain view. Put your car number on the extinguisher. Driver's must wear fire retardant, long sleeve coveralls, or better driving suit recommended. These must remain free of all flammable substances at all times.


All drivers must wear an approved helmet, eye protection, and a neck brace. Suspension must remain stock. Fenders may be cut for clearance. All driver's doors must be welded shut. Cars must have window net on driver's side. Securely fastened at the bottom, able to open from the top. Racing seat MANDATORY.


Batteries must be mounted in driver's compartment in a marine type box or better. Securely fastened to      the floor. Must be approved by tech. Firewall mounted batteries OK.


All drivers must be licensed if 1 6yrs or older, and must be a club member. Minimum age to be in the pits is 1 4yrs, All minors {14-17} must have parents or guardians sign a release form on site. 1  4 & 1 5yrs allowed to drive in 4cyl-Hornet class and Bomber class only. Must have training approved by seasoned driver's and a parent or guardian must sign the waiver at every race entered.


Seat Belt see Safety all classes. Stock bumpers only. NO REINFORCING. Approved replacement OK


For RWD cars, drive shaft sling made of strap steel, or a chain, must be installed behind the front "u" joint within the front 1        /3 of the drive shaft. Drive shaft must be painted white.


GASOLINE CANS gas cans must be red. This rule will be strictly enforced.


One rad hoop is allowed, but it must be no wider than the frame rails. Maximum 2" pipe. NO braces allowed. Must NOT extend forward past original grill location. NO trailer hitches. NO reinforced wheels except the right front. All persons entering the pits must be properly dressed. Absolutely no shorts or tank tops allowed, {proper dress means they must be left on until after the last race event is run}.


Maximum 4 people per pit crew, NOT including driver.


Hood and trunk latches must be removed. Hood and trunk lids to be secured with a minimum 2 pins each. Must be securely fastened in all 4 corners. Large steel washers around pinholes are needed. Struts may be reinforced. Exhaust must extend beyond the driver.


Any 60 series tire only. No track destroying aggressive tread. Snowflake OK.. 1/2" wheel stud optional. Cars with electric fuel pumps must shut down with battery disconnect switch. (See Safety all classes)

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