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Racing is a good sport, but a good sport is made up of good men and women. Racing has no place for the troublemakers, or those who cannot see anything but wrong, believing that every action of the Officials is directed at him/her, and rules are only made to be broken. Such men and women have NO place in the racing sport and should be left at the entrance gate to all tracks. WE adopt these rules, regulations and specifications with the thought in mind that every competitor is entitled to a  fair chance. Racing is a good sport; many grinding hours, days and weeks can be put into a machine getting ready for the track, then watching it go around the track for the first time all those many hours of work are forgotten. This is racing,as it should be. Regardless of the hardship and joys, racing will continue. We hope everyone will continue in the support.




The use of intoxicants by a driver, car owner, pit person or track official on the day of the race meet is STRICKLY FORBIDDEN up to the end of the day. Violators will be IMMEDIATELY EXCLUDED from the course by the track officials. Penalties will be an automatic $100.00 fine and suspension for {2} race meets. Use of intoxicants in the pits by any member or person will cause the person to be taken from the pits IMMEDIATELY. Persons may be employed to assist track officials in enforcing this rule. NO ALCOHOL AT ALL IN THE PITS--- WHAT SO EVER..!!!




Any driver, car owner, pit person, or any person on the course who may at any time  or  place  use improper language or conduct at the meet shall be subject to IMMEDIATYE SJUSPENSION,  and/or be fined. ANY DRIVER, CREW MEMBER, OR SPONSOR WHO PHSICALLY OR VERBALLY ABUSES A TRACK OFFICIAL, OR TOWER PERSONNEL IS SUBJECT TO A $50.00 FINE AND IMMEDIAYTE SUSPENSION FROM THE DAYS EVENTS.




Any driver, car owner, pit person, or any other person on the course who may at any time or in any place cause a scene or disturbance before the public will receive an appropriate penalty by the appropriate officials.



Children entering pits after the race must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Any person entering the pits must have a pit pass visible at all times and must have signed waiver for the day. Minimum fine for non-compliance is $10.00. The club requires that all those entering the pits have medical coverage and any medical condition or disorders are to be made known to the Executive. Executive reserves the right to request a doctor's consent from any member. Anyone under a doctor's care or on Compensation or drawing sick benefits from any source must make his/her condition known to track officials and a decision will be made by track officials as to his/her admissibility. Any person admitted  to  the  pits  must  be  properly  dressed  in  coveralls,  shirts  must  be  worn  at  all  times. MANDATORY minimum $10.00 fine. The Executive reserves the right to eject any person applying for pit entry, or to refund pit fee, and to eject any person whatsoever from the pits. No person or other non­ official in the pit area will be allowed on the track, track exit or entrance during a race event except permission of the pit boss. Any registered car to be unloaded, must be unloaded {1} one hour prior to the time trials or you do not qualify. Cars will be parked as directed by the pit boss. Tow vehicles and trailers are to be removed from the pits as quickly as possible and parked in designated area. Drivers are to know their positions and are required to keep themselves informed about information posted on the line up board. Drivers will alert themselves and read line up board so as to be ready when called upon to line up for their race. IF NOT THERE WHEN CALLED UPON, THEY WILL LOSE THEIR POSITION OR MAY BE DELETED FROM THE ENTIRE PROGRAM FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE DAY. All cars must line up in the correct position and be ready to move out of the pits before previous event is completed.




Any new driver who has not raced more than 3 race days in one season.




Anyone who has never driven a race car anywhere before/or on our track.


Any blocking movement of safety vehicles or track equipment will be fined $50.00 tow trucks are to be parked in designated areas only. NO LITTERING in the pits. Cars responsible will be fined. Due to crowding in the pit area, the number of persons allowed on anyone's pit crew will be a MAXIMUM of {4] four including driver, should overcrowding occur.




All cars must be self-starting at the start of the race day. Track official's decision is final. NO car is allowed on the track until the following conditions are met: FIRST aid person is on the scene, fire equipment must be on hand and ready for use, tow vehicle and driver ready, flag man in charge of track traffic permission from pits granted. Helmets and eye protection must be worn, car must have safety checked and passed, as listed in the rule book windshields will not be cleaned on the track: races will not be stopped to clean windows. All cars must participate in track packing, unless approval from pit boss is granted

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